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Pootie Pad Testimonials – Carla Zainie

I have 5 house cats, usually have 1 to 3 cats being fostered, and have a circle of friends who also work with TNR, ferals, and friendly rescues. We have all found Pootie Pads to be a wonderful tool in socializing shy cats, making friendly fosters feel more at home, and indulging the already spoiled house cats. One of the foster cats currently in my care is not interested in catnip and not interested in the Pads, but all other cats I have offered Pads to have LOVED them. They roll all over them and seem to smile at the same time. Pootie Pads are also cute additions to your house decor!! I also have several lavender pads (for humans) that I use on chairs and couches. They have a dreamy, relaxing smell, and wonderful colors.

– Carla Zainie

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Marie Moser

I bought two petite pads last week and they arrived in the mail on Friday. When I came home that night with my package in hand, I opened the door to the patio to let my two kitties enjoy a little outside time but they weren't interested in going out right then. They were too fascinated with my package and when I opened it they both immediately started playing and rubbing themselves on the pootie pads. They both spent last night sleeping on their new pads and today when they got into a little tiff I was able to distract them with their pads. They are a hit!

Also, very well made and pretty. Thanks and good luck with your future plans. Everyone with a cat or dog should get one or two.

– Marie Moser

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Clay Holden

I have purchased 4 Pootie Pads now, 2 for our long-time adopted boys, and 2 Minis for the pair of abandoned kittens we are currently caring for and socializing.

Nothing I have ever seen compares with these wonderful pads for making cats happy and comfortable.

– Clay Holden

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