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Pootie Pad Testimonials – Sue Coulliard

I have bought several of these, both regular and mini, because the cats LOVE them. They're beautiful, well constructed, durable, are made of quality materials and look new even years after purchase. They turn even the most shy or aged cat into an outgoing, playful "teenager". I keep a Pootie Pad in the cat carrier since it soothes even the most nervous cat on the way to the vet and provides a warm, comfy and familiar place to sit for the cat during their examination. I'm thrilled that Pootie Pads are expanding beyond those who "know about them". This is a product that every cat lover absolutely needs.

– Sue Coulliard

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Sue Harrington

My cat LOVES her Pootie Pad! She barely waited for me to get it out of the bag then rolled around holding it, kicking and rubbing her face all over it. Today it's her favorite lounging pad but the next time she needs an organic catnip fix she'll be playing with it again. I'm glad it's made so well to withstand all her kicking! Thanks for making such a great product and catgratulations on a successful kickstarter. I'll be back for more Pootie Pads, little Miss Charm gets pretty much anything she wants :)

– Sue Harrington

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