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So What is a Pootie Pad?

A Pootie Pad is a small quilt for cats that is liberally laced with catnip. The product was developed by two sisters as a sideline to our quilting for the Community Quilt Project.

The materials are 100% cotton quilting fabric, first quality Dream Puff polyester batting, and organic, GMO free catnip that is certified by Oregon Tilth. The catnip is quilted in…


In making this design, we considered our own cats, who can be very hard on toys. Anything with catnip in it tends to be “peeled” in our house. So when designing the Pootie Pad, we decided to make the thing as secure as we could (we did not want the catnip to go all over the place). We do put handfuls of catnip in each Pootie Pad so, even though the pad cannot be opened, the scent will last a good long time—and a quick rub of the pad against itself will crush the herb inside and release more scent. We recommend spot-cleaning as washing will diminish the catnip scent.

Customers tell us that the Pootie Pad has made a comfortable napping spot for older cats, that it has brought shy cats into laps for the first time, and that it makes a bit of portable “territory” that can make it easier to move a cat from one place to another. One lady who travels hundreds of miles with her cat in the car frequently says that vocal protests have ceased—with the Pootie Pad in the cat-carrier, the cat is a content and quiet passenger.

We recommend if you have more than one cat that you have more than one Pootie Pad—most kitties do not like to share. Or as customer Donna O says, everypootie needs a Pootie Pad. Everypootie.

We hope you will enjoy watching your cat enjoy a Pootie Pad. It is our pleasure to make them for you.

Sara and Ann

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