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Pootie Pad Testimonials – Barbara Fitzpatrick

My cat sometimes sleeps on his pootie pad, sometimes "wrassles" it, and has been known to play hall surfing on it. The pad is beautiful to look at but tough enough to take whatever my cat is in the mood to dish out. Excellent craftswomanship and, needless to say, American made. Definitely an excellent gift to your own pet or to any friend or family member who has a pet.

– Barbara Fitzpatrick

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Scott Keever

I am convinced that one reason my dog has abandoned sleeping on the bed with me is that her pad is in HER bed. She loved it from the very beginning, and when she was hospitalized overnight I took the pad to the hospital so she would have something comfy and familiar to sleep with.

– Scott Keever

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Anne Murphy

I have been buying Pootie Pads for several years – the cats all adore them, and the people enjoy watching the cats go crazy over them. The pads are beautifully made, and the Reed sisters go out of their way to give great customer service.

– Anne Murphy

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Alan Goggins

My two cats love the two pads we bought a couple (or more?) years ago. When I bought a back-up, they wouldn't leave the delivery package alone until I stashed it in a remote location.

– Alan Goggins

Pootie Pad Testimonials – Bertha Adamson

I got a pad for a friend whose cats occupied different parts of the house. I gave it to the kitchen cat to see how he would respond. He LOVED it. A couple days later the friend called to say she needed 2 more ASAP as the other 2 cats had been drawn to the kitchen and were trying to claim it! So cats love them so much you'll need one for each cat!

– Bertha Adamson

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