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Purrmuda Triangles

The seasons are changing and Ann (winglion) has designed a new catnip toy.  The Daily Kos community voted to call them Purrmuda Triangles.

New Catnip Toy


We are offering as a bonus with every $35 purchase of Pootie Pads one toy.  If you buy $70 worth, you will get two!  Or buy four toys for $35 and get five.


Four Spring Catnip Toys (get five) - $35 + $7.75 Priority Mail Shipping

Links to buy Pootie Pads are below the fold….


About Pootie Pads:

Pootie Pads are a product that arose because of the daily Pootie diaries here on Daily Kos — they were designed with the cats of Kossacks in mind.  Made with love by myself and my sister, Winglion, they are little quilts filled with human grade, organic catnip (the best we have ever found) from Oregon.  All the fabrics are pre-washed before we use them so the pads are innocent of any toxic sizing or preservatives.  Cats love them!  The pads promote play — and also seem to have a soothing effect on anxious cats (making them the perfect liner for a cat carrier during travel).  Elderly cats love them, too — we think because the catnip eases the aches and pains of older bones and joints.

Our pads for dogs contain organic lavender and thyme, soothing herbs that may promote calm.


Pootie Pad party at a Cat Cafe!


to order Pootie Pads (catnip only)

Pootie Pads for cats come in three sizes.  Fabric choices for original and petite sizes are here - or let us choose for you.

Original: 23" x 17"  $35 plus $7.35 shipping
Petite: 13.5" x 9.5"  ONE for $18 plus $6.70 shipping OR TWO for $35 plus $7.35 shipping
Play Size (let us choose for you): 8" x 4.5  FOUR for $35 plus $7.35 shipping

The Peace Pad has lavender added to the catnip for extra stress relief.

to order Pootie Peace Pads (catnip + lavender):

Pootie Peace Pad, original size - $42 + $7.35 Priority Mail shipping

Petite Pootie Peace Pad (one) - $22 + $7.35 Priority Mail shipping

Pootie Peace Pads, petite size (two) - $42 + $7.35 Priority Mail shipping

New Fabrics!

For that Mid Century Modern look….

Atomic Cats

For the kitties of people who knit…

Fair Isle


image001 (2)
Does catnip open doors to other dimensions?  The cats aren’t telling...but we can guess!

If you have photos of your pets with Pootie Pad products that we may use on our website, please post them in the comments!



We haven’t forgotten the dogs!

Our soothing lavender & thyme pads for dogs can be found at this link. Fabric choices for the petite and medium pads are there, too!

The large size pads for dogs (as shown below) are made from a double layer of batting and flannel fabric (color may vary).


We also have lavender filled pads for people.

Lavender Heart Sachets

Lavender is for stressed out humans.  We make pads for people in the same sizes as our pads for cats — but are made in pretty floral fabrics and contain heavenly organic lavender flowers.  Medium is 23" x 17".  Petite is 13.5" x 9.5

PayPal link for one medium lavender pad - $40 + $7.35 Priority Mail shipping

PayPal link for one petite lavender pad - $20 + $7.35 Priority Mail shipping

PayPal link for two petite lavender pads - $38 + $7.35 shipping

PayPal link for five lavender sachet hearts - $40 + $7.35 Priority Mail shipping

Use a lavender pad under your pillow...or as a table scarf on your bedside table.  Line a lingerie drawer with one.  Perfume a living space with one. Or hang a heart sachet in your closet.  (Heart sachets make lovely small gifts, btw)


If you would like to support our work but don’t have a pet:


The Little One kindly filmed her cat, Suki, on a Pootie Pad.  This is what happens when you open the package!



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