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  • Pootie Pads Store

    Pootie Pads Store

  • Full of Organic American Catnip

    Full of Organic American Catnip

  • Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

    Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

  • These kitties wouldn't let their humans sleep. Solution? Put the Pootie Pad in another room.

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A group for people who have Pootie Pads -- or who enjoy pootie pictures.
  1. I received my five masks from our Sara and Ann.  They are top notch material, perfect ear loops that don’t make your ears look like they are fond of your cheeks.  I’ve had plenty of compliments on my kitty fabric and then for my daisy fabric by my next door neighbor 5 year old fashionista.  Please check them out and buy.  These are just marvelous masks which you will “enjoy” for the near future.

    Where to find your Sara R and Winglion perfect masks.

    We support our own.  And, like me, when someone asks where you got your mask, tell them  sara@pootiepads.com.

  2. My sister and I have a cottage business making catnip stuffed pads and toys for cats - Website here.  They are called “Pootie Pads” because they were developed specifically for the Pootie Peeps, people who visit the twice daily PWB Peeps diaries here on Daily Kos — a politics- free oasis of silliness celebrating pets. Our products contain Oregon Tilth certified organic catnip and we use it generously!  Additionally, we prewash our fabrics so they are free of any toxic sizing.

    Pootie Pad toy for Spring 2020
    Please help us name this toy!  

    My sister has designed a new toy for Spring.  It is an abstract shape.  Like our “Purrmuda Triangle” toy, it has three sets of dangly ribbons.  But it also has a top loop so, tied to a string, it can be used as a dangle toy.  Here it is, on an inch grid for scale.

    We will include a toy with each and every $35 of Pootie Pads purchased — this one, or if you prefer, a catnip tree (which has no dangly ribbons).

    To purchase a set of four of the Spring toys (and get five), use this link:

    Set of four Spring catnip toys (get five) - $35 plus $7.75 Priority Mail shipping

  3. What can I say?  My sister, winglion, thinks like a cat.  She designed the Pootie Pad for cats — a quilted pad stuffed liberally with potent, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic catnip.  We make them in three sizes  in our basement workshop, a cottage industry that  has brought great pleasure to kitty cats across the land.  You can see fabric selections in our store.  While you are there, be sure to sign up for our occasional newsletter.

    Oooh, this Pootie Pad smells so good!

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