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Things We Have Learned

Oliver and RamonaPootie Pads are small, cushy quilts for cats — with catnip quilted in. You probably need at least one per pootie.  Studies show, cats don’t like to share their Pootie Pads. If your mail contains a Pootie Pad, don’t leave the package unattended.  Clever paws will open it for you, otherwise.

Oliver and Ramona show how to share a Pootie Pad

We are hearing reports that older cats enjoy playing with a Pootie Pad.  Older cats also like to nap on a Pootie Pad.

We are also hearing that pooties that were once feral and who are still shy have come to sit with a hooman who has a Pootie Pad in their lap.

Pootie Pads become a piece of portable territory – when a Pootie Pad is moved, a cat will tend to go where the pad is put.  Evidently, there is comfort in catnip.



Oh, bliss!


Well, with a Pootie Pad, the catnip is quilted in — lots of it.  We are using organic, GMO free, Oregon Tilth certified catnip — and the kitties love it.

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