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Testimonial from a Professional Trainer, Tracy B Ann

These stunningly beautiful pads are handmade, specially designed for cat lovers, and the catnip is quilted right inside. Not ordinary catnip either. Very powerful catnip; cats have been known to open the packages they are mailed in all by themselves.

 They are made with cotton that is specific for quilting; it’s made for needles to go in and out so cat claws don’t do much damage.

The pads can be fun to play with and a great place to nap but they also seem to deal with many common behavioral problems in cats.

~They help with shy or feral cats. Put a Pootie Pad next to you on the couch and your feral cat who didn’t want to come near you, will soon be on top of it, right next to you.

~Older cats seem to especially like this soft fragrant place to lie. They can also have the effect of making an older cat more active.

~They are good for travel – even from room to room. In or out of the home they become a cat’s portable territory.

~Put one on your lap and your aloof cat will be on your lap in no time.

~These Pootie Pads seem to cheer up grumpy cats and mellow out rowdy cats.

~Great in multiple cat households especially when cats don’t get along. They will after a few days with a pootie pad.

~ This premium cat nip pad is a great comfort for grieving cats who may have lost an owner, a feline, a canine friend, or even a home.

In other words they are perfect for every cat in your life. They spot clean and you can either fold them in half and rub vigorously to revive the catnip, or use a catnip spray to refresh.

Tracy B Ann www.zenpaws.com

Tracy has been working with cats professionally for over 18 years. She hosts the popular radio show “The Politics of Dogs” where she answers callers questions about dogs and cats, and she is the National Natural Pet Care writer for Examiner.

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