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What is a Pootie Pad? It is a small quilt for cats (aka “pooties”) made of cotton fabric, Dream Puff polyester batting, and good, organic American catnip by the fistful. A friend suggested we also branch out and make something for cat lovers–and thus the Pootie Pad came to be.

Approximately 17″ x 23″, these little quilts quickly become favorite toys and/or sleeping mats. In fact, if yours is a multi-cat household, you may want more than one because these are so good the kitties do not like to share …..

Pootie Pads are handmade in Portland, Oregon by two sisters. They are made with love, care, humor, and a desire to spread pootie pleasure across the land.


Pootie Pads Fabric Choices

  • Flower Cats
  • Cat Batik
  • Cats On Labels
  • Garden Cats
  • Moody Cats
  • Bedtime Cats
  • Surfing Cats
  • I Love My Cat
  • Sweater Cats
  • Cat And Mouse
  • Wild Cats
  • Lorelei Cats
  • Wizard of Paws
  • Neon Goofy Cats
  • Coffee Cats, Light
  • Rainbow Princess Cats
  • Theater Cats
  • Napping Cats, Gray
  • Napping Cats, Brown
  • Packed Cartoon Cats
  • Ragdoll Cats
  • Sewing Basket Kitties
  • Tossed Ragdoll Cats
  • Museum Cats
  • Personal Ads
  • Sushi Cats
  • Cat Faces
  • Yoga Cats
  • Masterpiece
  • Wonderland
  • Character Cats
  • Fishbowl Fascination
  • Goldfishing
  • Motorcycle Cats
  • Pirate Cats
  • Playtime
  • Portrait Cats
  • Stadium Cats
  • Rainbow Grins

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