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  1. Twingrace is a very kind and gentle person, as we who follow various community diaries know all too well. Therefore it is particularly saddening to learn that she has been enduring great pain for a long, long time.  Moreover, for much of that time the reality of her pain was dismissed by her doctors which undoubtedly caused her a distress of another kind and, at times, self-doubt.  After years of suffering,  finally she was sent to the proper specialist, a urologist.  That doctor discovered a distorted piece of metal (most likely a surgical clip that had somehow migrated) inside her

  2. Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with readers of Daily Kos who aren’t throwing pies at one another.Drop by and tell us about your weather, your garden, or what you cooked for supper. Newcomers may notice that many who post diaries and comments in this series already know one another to some degree, but we welcome guests at our kitchen table, and hope to make some new friends as

  3. Joan McCarter started the ball rolling on this project for Sen. Reid yesterday with her lovely tribute diary, Community Quilt Project: Let's send a proper Daily Kos thank you to a Democratic giant, Harry Reid.  As you may have heard, Sen. Reid has had a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  That’s the bad news….pancreatic cancer is a very difficult disease to beat.  The good news is that


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